About me

About Me
First of all , I want to share with you how I came across with this amazing holistic treatment ..
What triggered me to be so involved and passionate about natural alternative treatment and herbs? I have suffered from migraines , constipation, water retention, and irregular heart beat. I can’t stand for more than 20 minutes.

If I do, my heart beat will get weaker and weaker and will cause me difficulty with breathing .Difficulty in breathing also occurs in the middle of sleep, sometimes even in my dreams, all of a sudden I was unable to breath for 30 seconds!!! I thought I was going to die…………

I woke me up in the middle of the night and I was too scared to fall in sleep again, afraid it might occur again and I might not be able to wake up in the morning………..

Many years have passed, my health condition has never gotten better but worse.
I have gone to so many doctors and nothing seems to work, some doctors even said I might have hypochondriac syndrome….and so did some of my friends…..Which I know I didn’t !!!! Oh Lord, no words can explain how miserable I was……….. extremely frustrated and helpless………..

I decided to seek a holistic treatment, and finally I got an answer that I have been waiting for so long …………thanks God! The holistic physician did many clinical tests on me and found out that I have malnutrition disorder which led to all the health issues that I have been dealing with for so long.The main issue of malnutrition is caused by the lack of adequate stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) production .

My physician strongly suggested, natural alternative treatment which includes using acupuncture , foot reflexology treatment, and taking herbs and supplements which aids digestion.

During the treatment I have not been using any drug prescriptions but herbs and vitamins. Also, I practice a healthy diet. After a couple months of the treatment, my health has improved tremendously.
I finally recovered from the painful diseases that I had carried with me for so long. It was such huge release, for the very first time in my life……. I feel amazing!

I started to spend most of my time on research and study about the power of healing with holistic treatment and the benefits of using herbs. It was then, I also began my Due Diligence of ozone in earnest and have found an amazing healing effect in Ozonated oil – Especially Cold Press Organic Ozonated Hemp Oil .I have also done many clinical tests on myself in order to ensure what I have learned and researched is true. This ozonated hemp oil is an amazing home remedy with NO side effects and it is 100% safe!!!

Home Remedy with Ozonated hemp seed oil for bacterial infection skin diseases

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