Anal fissures

Anal fissures
Anal fissure and Hemorrhoids are not exactly the same. Anal fissure is traumatic injury caused by stretching the mucus tissues of the anus beyond their capability to stretch is known as anal skin cracks , anal ulcers, and difficult to heal .
Hemorrhoids is due to the formation of varicose veins around the anus veins, vein group, and the rectum mucosal sliding formed.

The symptom of anal fissure
1. Fissure in pain, blood in the stool-based.
2 Shows anal fissure cracked skin
3 More associated with anal fissure anal papillae hypertrophy, anal papillomas, but not associated with hemorrhoids or anal papilloma papillary hypertrophy;
4. Anal fissure – the apperance of the anus became narrow due to the inflamation .

The symptom of Hemorrhoids
1. Mainly to bleeding hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids swelling and inflammation cause the severe pain
2. Hemoroid does Not has cracked skin
3.Hemeroids are visible-occurring out side the anus looks like vein
4.Hemorrhoids shows with internal hemorrhoids prolapse and valgus

The differences between rectal cancer and hemorrhoids / anal fissure
1 Hemorrhoids and anal fissure may occur at any age
2 Patients with hemorrhoids and anal fissure stool with blood, which is due to defecation abrasions of the skin
blood dripping after the stool , so the blood does not mixed with the stool, no mucus in stool
3.The patients with rectal cancer the stool is often mixed with blood, mucus and pus

Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment for hemerrhoid is an operation to open the fistula channel completely and drain any abscess so it does not recur.

Non-surgical treatment
Superficial fissures rarely require surgery; most are able to be treated with topical medications.

Eat high-fiber foods (fruits, vegetables, bran) to prevent constipation and soften the stool .Take a high-fiber supplement daily.
Drink 6 to 8 glasses (soda-can sized) of water to keep the stool from being too “dry”,
Do not strain too hard during bowel movements, and don’t sit on the commode for more than a minute or two.
Avoid anal sex

Additional tips
Avoiding foods that high in histamine that trigger an allergic reaction outbreak of the skin inflammation area – According to the research histamine plays a big part in the inflammation process .
The most common high histamine foods are Shrimp, crab , peanut (peanut butter),eggs,fermented foods (sour crout, pickle & etc)
or aged cheeses (fermented sources develop high histamine amounts during the fermentation process.
If you are allergic to histamine )

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