Bed sores pressure ulcer

Bedsores also called Pressure ulcer or Decubitus ulcers
Pressure sores are areas of damaged skin caused by staying in one position for too long.
They commonly form where your bones are close to your skin, such as your ankles, back, elbows, heels and hips.
You are at risk if you are bedridden, use a wheelchair, or are unable to change your position.
Pressure sores can cause serious infections, some of which are life-threatening.
They can be a problem for people in nursing homes.

You can prevent the sores by
– Keeping skin clean and dry
– Re position every two hours
– Using pillows and soft item that relieve pressure

Pressure sore ” Do Not ” take it lightly ! it may ended up in a severe condition which may take very long time to heal or will never heal at all.

Most effective home remedy for bedsore/Pressure sore
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