Fungal infections

Severe fungal-infection - bottom of foot
Severe fungal-infection – bottom of foot

Nail Fungus Infection

Fungal infections – athletes foot, nail bed – (contagious)
Although athlete’s foot and nail fungus are two different types of fungal infections, they are contagious.
Do not share towel or shoes with those who has fungal infections.

Athletes foot advice
Athlete’s Foot keep clean and dry, wearing shoes that are made of breathable material, such as leather.
Another option is wearing an airy shoe like sandals or perforated shoes. These types of shoes will help to keep the feet from sweating.

Athletes foot symptoms:
Bad foot odor
Itching / burning sensation
Peeling / cracking of skin
Thick, crumbling and discolored nails

Nail fungus symptoms: – Nail fungus is a fungal infection that often occurs at your finger and/or toenails
Thickened nails
Nails that become brittle, crumbly, or ragged
Nails that seem to be distorted in shape
Nails that seem to have become flat or dull, having lost luster and shine
White spots on the nail
Discolored nails: yellow, green, or black in color. Caused by debris building up under the nail.
Nail separation from nail bed

Natural Remedy – Ozonated hemp oil
1) Wash your foot or infected area with mild soap and rinse thoroughly in warm / cold water (your choice), then pat dry with clean towel.
2) Spray or drop the ozonated hemp oil onto your feet or toes.
3) Gently rub the oil all over the infected area .
4) Apply at least 2 to 3 times a day – Morning, noon and night.
5)For better quicker healing process , please wear perforated or airy shoes.

Time to recover depends on how severe your fungal infection condition. For light fungal infection only takes 2- 3 days to completely heal.

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