Ozonated hemp oil

Organic hemp seeds


What is ozonated hemp oil / olive oil
Ozonated hemp oil is made by infusing highly concentrated ozone (O3- Oxygen) into the pure organic hemp oil , olive oil and other oil as well.This process takes from several days to several weeks depends on how much concentration of ozone you want to be infused into the oil.During the ozonating process the oxygen breaks down the oil molecule into very small substance which helps the oil to penetration into the deeper layer of the skin. Ozonated hemp seed oil is the ONLY seeds oil that contains the perfect ratio of 3:1 which match our skin and body’s need which works very effectively on all kinds of skin diseases .

Who can use ozonated hemp seed oil? (for External use)

– For everyone, pets and animals such as dogs, cats, bird,horses and more…

Ozonated hemp seed oil is excellent for:(External use)

-Use as skin moisturizer ( moisturize your skin and prevent wrinkles)
-Pimples and acne or any kinds of unknown facial skin diseases.
-Skin diseases – bacterial/ fungal infections/allergies
-Poison ivy
-Never heal wound – diabetes patients
-Joint paint, arthritis,stiff shoulder & neck, bump on skin,numbness
– Wound ,cut, burns,sprain ankle/knee/wrist
– Genital infection/diseases for men and women and many more…….
-Pregnant women – helps prevent stretch mark .
-After giving birth- Helps firm up your stomach
-Baby rashes
– Skin Ulceration, Nail Infection, Skin Penetrations: eg Thorns /Splinters, Skin Wounds, Skin Infections: (Bacterial: eg Acne, Fungal: eg Athlete?s Foot, Viral: eg Shingles, Lip Herpes) Superficial and Deep Burns, Trauma Injuries, Surgery Sites / Surgical Suture Lines, Insect Bites & Stings.

How ozonated oil works
Ozone has been used for therapeutic purpose since 19 century. According to the physicians it’s 100 percent Natural , and has a tremandous healing effect on many different kind of diseases that have been treated.According to the studies and researches,ozonated oil has been documented to be very effective for treating skin diseases and other health issues as well.

Hemp seed Oil has been used as a health and food supplement for over 2500 years. This oil is incorporated into hand & body creams and soaps for the ultimate health, beauty and healing product line. This is a high ozone concentration product with excellent antimicrobial activity.


Home Remedy with Ozonated hemp seed oil for bacterial infection skin diseases

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