Ozonated oil as moisturizer

Ozonated oil excellent for daily facial moisturizer and body lotion
Ozponated Hemp Seed Oil is the best moisturizer compare with many other expensive facial cream or moisturizer. It’s 100% natural and it contains the EFA omega 6 & 3 which can easily absorb deep into your skin .

Thefore you can see the result just in couple days after you apply them onto your skin. Your skin will appear smooth , shiny and rejuvenate. It’s also the best antiaging moisturizer helps to slow down your skin aging process, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Dry / cracked bleeding lips / cracked & sore Lips
Like the skin on the other body parts lips do not produce natural oils to protect them against low humidity and cold winds. As the weather or the environment changes, lips could be affected. They can chap, dry or crack.

Following are the causes of chapped, cracked or dry lips Over exposure to the cold or windy conditions, Over exposure to the sun riboflavin deficiency,and allergies to cosmetic products.

Frequent use of soaps and other chemicals, Deficiency of vitamin A, B and C, Smoking, History of skin disorder When the lips are chapped or dry do not attempt to lick them, this will make you feel better only for short time. Once the saliva evaporates the condition will worsen. Your lips could be in problem because of your ill-fitting dentures, in such case consult your dentist.
Unlike the common lip gloss which is only help to moisture the surface of the lips , Ozonated hemp oil penetrate into the smalll blood vessel of your lips for better internal healing effect.

Home Remedy with Ozonated hemp seed oil for bacterial infection skin diseases

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