Ozonated olive oil

Ozonated Olive Oil

How Ozonated Olive Oil is made ?
Ozonated Olive Oil is made by infusing highly concentrated ozone gas produced from medical grade oxygen into cold press olive oil.The average time, depends on the type of ozone generator one is using – at least 8 to 10 hours using medical grade ozonator, pure oxygen and glass containers. The smell of ozone being emitted from the ozonated olive oil will be noticeable. All ozonated olive oil products must be kept refrigerated at all times.Ozonated oil is actually created by a redox reaction .

What is redox reaction :
– Redox reaction is the transfer of electrons from one reactant to another.
– When there is oxidation, there is also reduction.
– The substance which loses electrons is oxidised.
– The substance which gains electrons is reduced.

The ozone (3 molecules oxygen/O3) reacts within the oil molecules, and three primary organic peroxides are actually created throughout the entire process from the essential fatty acids in the olive oil. In other words, the first peroxide created reacts a second time to produce a second peroxide, and then finally once again to form C10H18O3 (carbon 10 Hydrogen 18 Oxygen3).

After the olive oil has been ozonated, the oil molecule is broken down into smaller substances which helps to increase the efficiency of absorption . In addition, it has the germicidal effect which inhibits and kill all pathogens (virus, bacteria, etc.)

This ozonated oil is beneficial for applications on the face and for use as a massage oil to improve your blood circulations and detoxification. Ozonated olive oil has the an excellent therapeutic qualities for all kinds of skin diseases for human and pets also highly recommended to use as facial moisturizer and body lotion .We are using high quality organic extra virgin cold press olive oil for the ozonating process to produce a better quality of ozonated olive oil for therapeutic purposes.

Who can use the ozonated olive oil ? (external use)
Ozonnated olive oil contains no artificial additive or chemical so it’s absolutely safe to use:
– For everyone, pets and animals including dog, cat, horse, bird,and other animals
– Some wound that never heal , especially for those who has diabetes.
-All different kinds of skin diseases including fungal and bacterial infections, cuts, burns, surgery wound.
-Joint pain, arthritis,sprain ankle, wrist ,knee and stiff neck and shoulder and more…


Home Remedy with Ozonated olive oil/ozonated hemp seed oil for bacterial infection skin diseases

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