Perfect ratio between omega 6 to omega 3

What is the perfect ratio between omega 6 to omega 3
According to some researchers the optimal ratio is 4:1 in favor of Omega 6 (4 Omega 6 to one Omega 3). Most Western diets range between 10 and 20 to 1 (10/20 omega 6: omega 3) in favor of omega 6!
This excess amount of omega 6 is not good for your health and can cause a variety of health problems such as increased water retention, raised blood pressure and raised blood clotting .

Hemp seed protein
Hemp seed protein is exceptionally high quality in terms of amino acid (AA) composition and protein structure , the latteraffecrting digestibility and utilization by the body. Hemp seed protein contains all of the essential amino acids in more nutritionally significantly amounts and at ratio closer to “complete “: source of protein ( like meat, milk and eggs) than all other seeds oil except soy. Hemp protein consists of two globular proteins , albumin(33%) and edestine( 67%), with a structure very similar to protein manufactured in our blood and it thus readily digestible. Hemp protein appears to be free of anti-nutrients that are found in soy to interfere with protein uptake. So ingest hemp seed oil delivers protein with a favorable AA(amino acid) composition and in a structure readily utilized.
Hemp nut and oil therefore are attractive both nutritionally and culinarily, rendering them truly modern food sources.

Hemp contains
Hemp Seed Saturated Fatty Acids – 10% 2)Oleic acid (Omega 9) – 10% 3)Linoleic Acid LA (omega 6) – 5% 4) Alpha Linoleic acid ALA (Omega 3) – 17.5% 5)GammaLinoleic Acid GLA (Omega 9)- 2.5% Olive 1)Saturated Fatty Acids – 20% 2)Oleic acid (Omega 9) – 70% 3)Linoleic Acid LA (omega 6) -10%

Too much omega 6 is bad
Increase blood clotting which leads to heart attack and stroke. suppress the immune system leaving us more open to infection ,increase cellular growth thereby promoting the growth of cancer cells. create new blood vessels which can feed cancer cells.
Generally speaking the eicosanoids produced by an overabundance of omega-6 tend to produce the negative affects… not the positive.

Health benefits of omega 6 (if taken in the right ratio to omega 3)
– Reduces the aches and pains of rheumatoid arthritis
– Relieves the discomforts of PMS, endometriosis, and fibrocystic breasts
– Reduces the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis
– Clears up acne and rosacea (is a chronic skin condition that causes redness and swelling of the face)
– Prevents and improves diabetic neuropathy
– Aids in cancer treatment

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