Skin burn

First degree skin burn resulted from very hot steam

3 days of using Cold press Organic Ozonated Hemp Seed Oil the skin has completely recovered.

Burns ( caused fire, hot water, hot oil & etc )
Burns are clssified into severa categories – Such as first degree burn, second degree burn , and third degree burn. All burns injury involves in the damages of different layers of the skin
and the structures within the skin, such as sweat glands, oil glands, and hair follicles.
The stronger the the heat of the fire and the longer amount of time the skin exposes to the fire is what damages the skin.

First degree burn

  • The depth of burn – Epithelium
  • How the wound looks – No blisters; dry pink
  • Causes- Sunburn, scald, flash flame
  • Level of Pain (sensation) – Painful, tender, and sore
  • Healing Time – Two to five days; peeling
  • Scarring – No scarring; may have discoloration

    Second degree burn

  • The depth of burn – Epithelium and top – aspects of the dermis .
  • How the wound looks – Moist, oozing blisters,moist, white, pink, to red
  • Causes – Scalds, flash burns, chemicals
  • Level of Pain (sensation) – Very painful
  • Healing Time – Superficial: five to 21 ,days. Deep: 21-35 days
  • Scarring – Minimal to no scarring; may have discoloration

    Third degree burn

  • The depth of burn – Epithelium and dermis
  • How the wound looks – Leathery, dry, no elasticity; charred appearance
  • Causes – Contact with flame, hot , surface, hot liquids, chemical, electric
  • Level of Pain (sensation) – Very little pain, or no pain
  • Healing Time – Small areas may take months to heal; large areas need grafting
  • Scarring – Scarring present

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