Skin dryness and wrinkles

Skin dryness and wrinkles
Wrinkles are sign of aging and It is a natural and inevitable process that wrinkles start appearing as we grow older .However, except aging , other factor may cause premature wrinkles show up on young skin .Dry skin is a prominent factor for the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

And there are multiple reasons for having dry skin – weak metabolism , excessive smoking, prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution level, or maybe just a naturally dry skin.
The problem with dry skin is that the fats and oils under the skin get lost easily. This makes the skin lose its natural elasticity, resulting in creases and wrinkles.

Aging wrinkles are difficult to erase but you can reduce or improve it by eating right and using good quality of skin care treatment . The premature wrinkles due to dry skin can be handled quite effectively by following a few preventive steps and some home remedies. Let’s have a look at some of the steps that can help you fight premature wrinkles:

Wash your face with regular skin cleansing foam (preferably unscented) , and rinse with warm water .Exfoliate your skin with facial scrub or exfoliating cream, rinse off and pad dry with clean towel.Spray 2 to 3 drops or Ozonated organic hemp oil onto your palm or directly on your face.Rub evenly al over your face make sure the oil has covered all over your face.Start your facial massage by following the simple basic step as show in the video for about 5-10 minutes.

Important Tips !

For those who has acne, pimples, sensitive skin , red face and other skin disease please Do Not perform facial massage . It may causes to worsen the skin condition due to the agresive stimulation.

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