(It started from a very small open sore ,and develop
rapidly into severe wound in a very  short period of time !)
B-BEDSORE 500 (3)

This incident occurred  on September 2013:

Home remedy  for Bedsore with ozonated hemp oil :
My mom was on bed bound for about 4 to 5 months.
Since then , her blood circulation was very poor especially  at her  lower back area.
She started having bedsore ,this is the first time she was having a bedsore(which she never had it before).
It started with a tiny  blister like then turns into small open sore  and very quickly it developed into serious deep wound .
At that time I wasn’t with her , my sister in law is the one who took care of her,
and she had tried so many different kinds of medicated ointment from local pharmacy.
However,  it did not help at all, in fact the bedsore has gotten worse …….Then, I suggested her to try ozonated hemp oil .
The very next day , her bedsore started to look better , the redness and swelling wound has started to subside .
And it takes only 3 to 4 days to completely heal.I would say it heals beautifully with
no obvious scar except the lighter skin discoloration mark as shown on the picture. .It was amazing !
Check out the before and after picture above .

Home remedy  for Dry lips with ozonated hemp oil :
After a month later, my mom admitted to the hospital due to her respiratory problems.
And she was hospitalized for 9 days.
During that period of time she was on oxygen mask for about a week .
Unfortunately, couple days later her lips began to dry ( I mean extremely dry)
and I can clearly see the outer layer skin of her lips stated to peel off !
It’s so scary to watch , I  spray  the ozonated  hemp oil on her lips.
The same day evening the dry skin on her lips began to turn softer and moist .
On the 2nd day the dried skin  on her lips started to shed . Thanks god !
Day 3  the dry skin  were able to remove so easily from her lips
Once the dead skin has been removed her lips look so moist and soft .
I was so amazed with the result.
Hemp oil works very effectively especially on diabetic wounds which is very difficult to heal and may ultimately lead to amputation or dead if  not treated properly .
The picture below is showing the before and after the treatment with ozonated hemp oil :

Day 1

L  - LIPS 300

Day 2

L  - LIPS 300 (3)

Day 3 (Healed)
L  - LIPS 300 (2)

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