Tinea versicolor

Tinea versicolor / Tinea versa – (fungal infection )
What is tinea versicolor?- Tinea versicolo is non cancerous and not contagious surface (superficial )skin disease caused by fungus infection .It mostly found in young people then older people .Tinea versicolo appears in many small, flat spots on the skin that looks flaky, dry and itchy. The small spots may have blended into huge area if the disease does not treated properly.

Discoloration occurs at the inffected area, it appears to be lighter or darker compare with the non-infected area.As these fungi grow in number, their natural balance on the skin is affected, the normal color of the skin changes, and spots appear.People with oily skin, especially teens and young adults, are more likely to get tinea versicolor.

What causes tinea versicolor?
Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus. This fungus lives all around us, including on the skin. Daily hygiene – everyday washing and showering removes dead skin and fungi. Keep your room or living space airy or good ventilation – Because, fungus grows more rapidly In hot and humid weather especially in summer .

People that is more likely to get tinea versicolor include:
Having an weak immune system, which can occur during pregnancy or from some illnesses.
Tinea versicolor usually is less likely to occur as you age, when the skin becomes less oily

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