Vaginal infection

Vulvovaginitis / Vagina infection ; Inflammation of the vagina (women)
Vulvovaginitis is a common gynecological disease that occurs in most women . Vulvovaginitis cause by Candida (fungus) vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis and other. They tend to have common symptoms is characterized by increased vaginal discharge and genital itching.

-Irritation and itching of the genital area
-Inflammation (irritation, redness, and swelling) of the labia majora, labia minora, or perineal area
-Vaginal discharge
-Foul vaginal odor
-Discomfort or burning when urinating

1. Avoid from recurrence of Vulvovaginitis you should check with your doctor whether you have diabetes,antibiotics, or taking steroid hormones estrogen, wearing tight synthetic underwear, using local drug stimulation, etc.

2. Take proper treatment and make sure it’s completely recovered . Improper or inadequate treatment may cause to relapse or reoccur in the future very soon.

3. If a sexually transmitted infection is diagnosed, it is very important that any other sexual partners receive treatment, even if they do not have symptoms. If your sexual partner is infected but not treated, you risk becoming infected over and over again.

4. Personal hygiene, keeping the virginal clean and dry, frequently changes the underwear, genital someone special equipment, used underwear, towels, wash basin should be scalded with boiling water, to public places such as public toilets, swimming pools, bathrooms should pay attention to the prevention of cross infection.

5. Enhance the body resistance, nutrition, physical activity, improve the body’s immune system, reduce the incidence of opportunistic pathogens.

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