What is ozone

What is ozone
Ozone, plays a very important roles in protecting the earth . Don’t get confuse with ozone is smog or pollution as sometimes mistakenly reported. Ozone also known as trioxygen (O3) is comprised of 3 atoms oxygen that is not as stable as diatomic allatope which has only 2 molecules oxygen (O2).

Ozone will break apart from O3 to O2 + O1 (2 molecules Oxygen + 1 molecule Oxygen ) within 20 minutes .Ozone forms naturaly in the upper atmosphere (stratosphere) and lower atmosphere (Troposphere). In stratosphere where the “good ozone:” stays , it protects us from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation .In contrast ” bad ozone ” appears in Trotosphere is harmful to our health and the earth. Due to the rapid grow of high technology today pollution has been increased tramendously in our environment which leads to our health issue.

What is ozonated oil
Ozonated Olive Oil is made by infusing highly concentrated ozone gas through pure organic olive oil.This process takes several days or weeks of process. The result is an effective strength oil that has the distinctive odor of ozone.The purpose of infusing the ozone (O3) into the oil is to allow ozone to enter the tissue and helps to heal cuts,wounds, burns, ulcers, lesions and infections quicker and more effective.Massage helps ozone penetrates the skin and oxidizes lactic acid and other toxins that may be present, alleviating soreness and pain.

Ozone as a Germ Killer
The ability of ozone to kill and inhibit pathogens has been known since the nineteenth century. A few micro-grams of ozone per litre effectively kill germs. Ozone destroys all viruses and bacteria although some are more resistant than others and require a longer contact time. Ozone acts as bactericide by destroying the outer protein/fatty shell of the organism.Ozone is generated as a gas with special ozone generators by oxygen conversion. Ozone in air displays germicidal action on surfaces and airborne organisms, as does ozonated water (ozone dissolved in water).

How ozonated hemp oil and olive oil are being process
Ozonated oil is the oil that has gone through an ozonating process in which the ozone (O3) react with molecule in the olive oil when the ozonating process is taking place. The entire process for fully ozonated oil takes from 30 to 90 days untill the olive oil converting into a patroleum jelly-like consistency. The final product then will transform into a chemical chain C10H18O3 which is known as ozonated oil.

Ozone treatment- External and internal use
Ozone has been used for theraputic purposes since nineteen century. According to the physicians Its has a tremandous healing effect on many diseases they had been treated. Ozone treatment comes in several defferent method, such as ozone spa therapy, ozone bath therapy , ozone ingestion therapy, external use and more. However the most common and economical ozone ingestion therapy is to intake ozonated oil in a capsule form . Where the ozonated olive oil is filled into the clear capsule case.Inaddition, for external use it has a very high healing reaction on skin desease ,from minor to serious skin problem or wound.

Home Remedy with Ozonated hemp seed oil for bacterial infection skin diseases

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